Wednesday, February 27, 2019

RootsTech Eve

I've been waiting for RootsTech 2019 since RootsTech 2018 ended.

No joke, y'all! It was awesome!

So, the day before RootsTech 2019 - RootsTech Eve - was much to be excited about. Last year, somehow I didn't make it to explore the Family History Library. I know, I know...the shame! BUT I have vindicated myself.

This is just one part of *one* aisle at the amazing second floor of the Family History Library. It's organized in the millions. For real, y'all!

My first thoughts were, "we're not in Virginia anymore, Toto!" And then I realized, "I HAVE ARRIVED!" This place is full full full of records. I was grateful to find out that the library uses PowerScan3000. This is a great program used to view microfilm on a computer; you can then save PDF files of the records of your choice to your flash drive. I was already used to using this program at the Library of Virginia, so I was able to get straight to work without needing any assistance.

That reminds me; the Family History Library is FULL - chock-full - of helpers to aide in whatever you might need while on site. Thanks y'all!

Also, you can use one of these fancy - and large - lockers free of charge while at the Library. #winning

After the shock of enjoying the library had just begun to sink in, I realized it was time for lunch. I was able to meet up with professional genealogists for a fun lunch near the temple area and then I headed straight back to the library. On site, I was able to view a lot of digitized records that are only available to view while at a family history center. Super convenient!

As an Ambassador for RootsTech, I was able to meet with other Ambassadors, members of the media, and conference speakers at the Media Dinner. It was great just to chat with others who have been involved in the behind the scenes of the conference, enjoy some fellowship and fun, and a delicious meal to top it off!

I mean look at that! We eat first with our eyes, so RootsTech certainly helped with that. 

We also got to explore some of the different new components to the RootsTech app for this year. The coolest part is the Family History Activities page that you can also reach from your computer browser. 

After dinner, I headed straight back to the Library! I had some help connecting my family tree from my Ancestry account to the FamilySearch Family Tree. FINALLY I got it sorted all out. Now, I can use Find Relatives Near Me! And, you can too!

The beauty of using the "find relatives near me" component of the Family Tree app is that we can connect with cousins in real time where we are now. This can lead to more collaboration and better research! Plus, who doesn't like meeting cousins? I've even found out that I'm cousins with some speakers and Ambassadors I already know!


That's all I have for y'all about RootsTech Eve! I can't wait to tell you about DAY ONE!

Let's keep encountering our ancestors through family history and remembering the past made present today!

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  1. When you write, I hear your voice and how giddy you were about the Family History Library. Well done capturing it in writing. And we certainly enjoyed seeing you in person again.


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