Sunday, September 16, 2018

RootsTech Registration Opens Soon!

Okay, I admit it. I'm an extrovert and I love learning. I live for opportunities to be with my friends and geek out over history, religion, or linguistics. It's just what I do. So when I find out about amazing events where I can be with like-minded people - and lots of people at that - I jump on the opportunity.

For example, when I was in college, I looked forward to the day - and the hour - I could register for my Church's national college conference held each year after Christmas. I looked forward to that event so much because I knew I'd get to see friends from across the country I only saw once a year at College Conference. Plus, it was an opportunity to reconnect to my faith in an intense way - several days with church services, service opportunities, and amazing spiritual talks.

Now that I'm diving deeper into the genealogy community - discovering all the amazing opportunities to learn and to connect with others who have my passion for family, family history research, and the burgeoning field of genetic genealogy - I'm discovering I have this same anticipation for genealogy events too. Earlier this year, I had the blessing to go to RootsTech in Salt Lake City. It was amazing, y'all! It was my first time going to a genealogy conference and it sure set the bar high for all future conferences for me! It wasn't just a time to learn, it was a chance to connect with others.

Imagine a family reunion, a week of graduate school, and a party all rolled into four days.You can read about my experience (including all of the classes I attended) by clicking here.

As soon as RootsTech 2018 was finished, I was already thinking about RootsTech 2019! So you better believe I'm signing up for it! This coming conference, I'll be going as an Ambassador, which means I'll be helping to get the word out about RootsTech - and even offering a free registration to one lucky subscriber to my blog! (Stay tuned to when and how you can go about getting this free ticket!)

So when does registration open??

September 20th! That's in just FOUR DAYS! Get excited, y'all! For those who register soon, you'll get early bird pricing ($189) for this unbelievable four day conference in beautiful Salt Lake City. And don't worry, if you happen to be a winner of my RootsTech registration giveaway, RootsTech will reimburse you fully for a ticket you already purchased.

Not convinced yet? Click here to discover all the many reasons YOU should attend RootsTech 2019!

Stay tuned for my newest blog post on using tax records to work on my Williams of Powhatan brick wall and keep checking the blog regularly for news on my RootsTech registration giveaway! And don't forget to register for RootsTech 2019 on September 20th!!

Until then, keep digging, keep encountering your ancestors through family research, remembering the past made present for you and your family today.

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  1. Hi Sam , really enjoyed reading about the find at the church. I had no idea you had a blog with such great information. Thank you for sharing. This is Chanda from Ancestry


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